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Natasha Wingerter snags awards for teaching and research

PhD student and IGERT Fellow Natasha Wingerter studies diet energetics of steelhead as part of the Lapwai Creek project. This year she brought home multiple accolades for her teaching and research.

Natasha received an ARIS Fellowship for her project, "A toolbox for scientists and educators to co-create high-quality non-formal learning experiences." She also received the Susan B. Martin scholarship from the Idaho Chapter of the American Fisheries Society. She also was a plenary speaker at the AFS Virtual Spring Conference with a talk entitled, "The Science Selfie: How to reframe your elevator speech to address social stereotypes."

But Natasha was not only recognized for her research and scholarship. She was also awarded the Fish and Wildlife Sciences Outstanding student teaching award!

Congratulations Natasha on a great year!

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