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Celebrating our Graduates - Breanna Graves

The Kennedy Lab has several accomplished undergraduates who are graduating this year. Especially in this time of such drastic changes in end of the year festivities we wanted to celebrate their work and wish them well.

Breanna Graves majored in Conservation Biology with a minor in Fishery Resources.

During her time in the Kennedy Lab she was employed in the TIMS and otolith labs and prepared samples on multiple otolith projects.

She was also a co-author of a study (in review) showing for the first time that sawfish rostral teeth contain chemical signatures, recording movement in much the same way that otoliths do. She was awarded an Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) travel grant to present this work at the 2019 American Fisheries Society and American Wildlife Society joint national meeting in Reno, NV. This work was also presented at the OUR undergraduate research symposium and can been seen here.

Her Ecology and Conservation Biology capstone project studied lamprey social interactions and was advised by Dr. Chris Caudill. She was awarded the Adele Berklund Undergraduate Research Scholar Award and Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF). This work, entitled, "Do Social Interactions Matter? Assessing the Evidence for Social Interactions of Adult Migratory Pacific Lamprey at the Bonneville Dam" was presented as her ECB capstone as well as at the Idaho Chapter of the American Fisheries society meeting in 2020 and the OUR Undergraduate Research Symposium where it is available online.

This summer she has two summer jobs, one with Biomark and another with Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

Congratulations Bre! You definitely made the most of your time at UofI! Good luck in all you do.

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