The LIFE lab maintains a full service laboratory for analysis of hard part microchemistry across a wide variety of ecological applications. Our services include sample preparation and cutting-edge analysis for microstructure and chemistry of otoliths and other hard part samples across numerous taxa.

Trace element and isotopic techniques can be powerful tools to answer questions in many ecological and geochemical systems. These chemical tracers have been used to uncover details of origin, movement and life history in aquatic and terrestrial vertebrates as well was plants, as well as age and provenance studies of geological systems. 


Our lab has the expertise to help you conduct a robust analysis of your scientific questions. Our lab maintains much of the equipment to conduct these investigations in-house and works with partner laboratories for additional services. We welcome your inquiries and collaboration.



Isotopix Phoenix TIMS

Acquired in 2015, this machine represents the state of the art in isotope ratio spectrometry. It is capable of extremely precise measurements of isotope ratios in numerous isotopic systems. 

Otolith Prep Lab

Our otolith prep lab includes two polishing stations for mounting and polishing hard-part samples,  as well as well as a low-speed diamond saw for sample sectioning and a high resolution microscope and camera equipped with Image-Pro software for growth and microstrructure analysis.