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Kennedy Lab Represents at Idaho AFS Chapter Meeting

Kat Gillies-Rector won the Best Student Presentation award at the 2019 ICAFS chapter meeting

Three members of the Kennedy LIFE Lab presented at the recent Idaho Chapter of the American Fisheries Society annual meeting in Boise, Idaho.

Kat Gillies-Rector (M.S. student) was recognized with the Best Student Presentation award for her excellent talk, "Otolith Analysis Reveals Variable Juvenile Growth And Migration In Chinook Salmon Experiencing Different Environmental Conditions". Yay!!

Natasha Wingerter (Ph.D candidate) presented both an Ignite style talk, "I Want To Teach You Everything I Have Ever Learned With You In The Next Five Minutes. Reframing How We Approach Educational Outreach In Fisheries, " and a contributed presentation on her steelhead work, "Changes In Resource Selection Due To Seasonally Induced Intraspecific Competition In SteelheadOncorhynchus mykiss."

Jens Hegg (Lab Manager/post-doc) presented an overview of hard-part microchemistry advances, "Advances In Hard-Part Chemistry In The Context Of Idaho Fish Populations."

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