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LIFE Lab Seeking Field Technicians

Lapwai Creek crew walking to a sample site in the fall

The Kennedy lab seeks 1-2 paid Field Technicians to assist with field sampling and laboratory work this summer in Lapwai Creek and possibly Big Creek.

This position offers an excellent opportunity to gain experience in fisheries, entomology, and aquatic sciences with exposure to multiple field methods (e.g. Backpack electrofishing, snorkel surveys, PIT tagging, invertebrate sampling, habitat surveys) while still enjoying your summer in Moscow. Typical field days will start early in the morning and will end in the early afternoon. While this position is primarily based out of Moscow/Lapwai, overnight travel to Big Creek is possible and field housing will be provided. If you are interested in creating your own undergraduate research project, we can foster this interest. 

Workload will be 20-40 hours per week during field work in June-August/September, negotiable during laboratory work. For more information about the research see Current Projects on the home page, as well as the Lapwai Creek and Big Creek photos on the Gallery page.

Field duties will include:

  • Observing, capturing, measuring, collecting gut contents, and tagging juvenile steelhead and other stream fishes.

  • Collecting invertebrates via benthic, emergence and drift sampling.

  • Measuring stream habitat, including discharge, velocity, temperature, substrate, and cover.

Laboratory duties will include:

  • Field equipment maintenance.

  • Sorting and identifying invertebrate samples.

  • Possible otolith microchemistry.

Please submit resume to or Let me know if you are interested or have any questions. 


Natasha Wingerter

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